I am proudly present some assorted acts, from the Norwegian premiere in Fredrikstad 2005.

As always Circus Merano present a very high class perfomance with top acts.

Shaka Troup.

Impressing and fresh, is the two most describing words for these fantastic Siberian troup.

Shaka troup impressed with two diffrent acts in this years program. No problem with that, because this very profesionale troup handle everything in their acts, without missing the contact with the public any time during their perfomance.










Duo Volkov


A very beutiful act, with totally harmoni between the two artists, and their beutiful music performed by the 8 mans circus orchestra.









Dnux Malax

Fantastic act, publics first choice !!

High speed, big precision, nice humor and a breath taking act. We love it !!      This troup must be every Circus directors dream, nothing else to say without, run you must see them !!!









Amadeo Folco

Meranos trademark is the happy elephant, with Amadeo Falcos elephant`s Merano got these fantastic animals, that seems to love their work because you can almost see their smiles.





Grand finale.

This must be the most beutifull finale that Circus Merano has ever presented. Thousands of litres with water, dancing in diffrent shapes and colors, syncronised with the most beutiful music, performed by Circus Meranos superb 8 mans orchestra.





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