Norway National Circus.

Circus Director : Knut Dahl

On this page you are going to see some pictures from the Circus Merano 32. Norwegian Première in Fredrikstad.

This years season starts with nearly a half metre snow due to the season, and a cold temrature as may thake the breath away from anybody. But the high standard of the technical equipment and a very proffesional staff , The Première and the following perfomances just went perfect on a Merano manner.

The audience is meeting the Première in a very comfortable tempered tent, and Circus Merano is presenting an outstanding performance, with acts in the world topclass.

Cirkus Merano is a beutiful sight in the earlie spring.

And then the premiere  32. supershow is started.

Sergeevaz Dogs.

Very charming act with dogs, humor and high tempo.

Alex Alexandru.

You have guaranteed never seen a fireman like this, and thank you for that ! Humor, precision, and a very high speed act.  This outstanding act is guaranteed a match even if you are 7 or 70 years old.

The Bobylevs Clowns

Real funny clowns, and a favourite.

Jan Navratil

 Jan Navratil has recived many medals for his act, and after his perfomance in Merano we really understand why. High precision and a very high tempo act, we love this !


Zunyi Acrobatic Troupe

OUTSTANDING act , you would not believe what you see in this fantastic act, how is it possible to manage 14 girls on one bike? if you have the possibility to see this act in the future, you must be shure not to miss it !!

Duo Sifodilini

The Bulgarian troupe Kostadin (27) and Nikolai (22) got their big break trough on the
Enschedefestivale in the Nederland last fall, they received the jurys gold medal plus the publicaward.
A very thrilling act on the wheel of death.

Circus Olympias Camels.

Zunyi Acrobatic TroupeThe second act of the girls that we love, very high precision act. would like to say thank you for a outstandg premiere, and look forward to take a part of the next 2007 show !!

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